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United We Stand…

UMAC works closely with such music industry associations such as CRIA, CARAS, CIRPA, SOCAN, ACTRA and A.F. of M and FACTOR. UMAC acts independently of all associations, thus keeping us free to represent our members’ view without comprise. However, it is extremely important to network and align UMAC with prominent industry groups. Remember, there is power in numbers.

The System…

UMAC monitors and works closely with both provincial and federal governments and their agencies, voicing our members’ concerns and making recommendations in such areas as censorship and copyright laws, financing and grants, Canadian content, quotas, tax laws, tariffs, and imports.

Seeking the Knowledge…

A series of seminars and workshops are available to inform and be advise members about current trends. Processes and procedures within the music industry. Members will be up to date on new legislation pertaining to the industry. We also welcome input from our members, and if you have
To industry topics which may be of interest . Your input is important.

Resource and Information Centre

Through this facility, members can expect to obtain up-to-date information on where to go for various services. There will also be a “Who’s Who in the industry” catalogue.

YOUR VOICE IS IMPORTANT TO US. UMAC needs its members to contribute information, details, experiences, sources, as we come together to support each other in the music industry.

Getting The Know-How…

2016 – 2017 marks the date for the UMAC quarterly newsletter. It’s your best link to us. You will find the latest information on current events, meetings, changes within the industry, and networking opportunities within the association and its international affiliates.

Members also receive special discounts from UMAC affiliated sponsors, corporations and organizations.