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The Inner Story

UMAC’s mission statement defines an association that is committed to Promoting, Developing and Educating people about the Canadian Urban Scene. These three areas are broken into three committees, each with their own distinct responsibilities.

Promotion Committee

focus or promoting Urban Acts and Dj’s in Canada & internationally

yearly event to be determined by the Board of Directors

Newsletter – a group of two to three people producing a bi-monthly newsletter to members.

Membership – through the shows any Income as well as membership dues will be collected.

Shows – a group of people preparing monthly shows on Urban talent, across Canada

International Promotion – a group of people travelling and promoting Canadian Urban talent internationally. This group

would work with the provincial and federal governments.

This chairman would develop a committee to execute The Canadian Urban Music Awards and
The Canadian Urban Music Teen Awards


focus on developing Canadian Urban Talent and Dj’s
Resource – a committee focusing on development and accumulating a library of all
resources for our members.
Community – a committee dedicated to working within communities across Canada Promoting urban music and Dj’s
Development Funds – several committees reflecting our members in every area of Urban Music. These committees would except submissions from the urban community and approve funds to help and develop product within Canada.

Seminars – a committee executing seminars held in all parts of Canada to educate about urban music
Education Weekends – held quarterly in a Canadian City to be determined every year.
A committee that develops Urban Music Week preferably connected with The Canadian Urban Music Awards and The Canadian Urban Music Teen Awards

United We Stand

UMAC work’s closely with such music industry associations such as CRIA, CARAS, CIRPA, SOCAN, ACTRA and A.F. of M and FACTOR. UMAC acts independently of all associations, thus keeping us free to represent our members’ view without comprise. However, it is extremely important to network and align UMAC with prominent industry groups. Remember, there is power in numbers.

The System

UMAC monitors and works closely with both provincial and federal governments and their agencies, voicing our members’ concerns and making recommendations in such areas as censorship and copyright laws, financing and grants. Canadian content quotas, tax laws, tariffs, and imports.

Seeking the Knowledge

A series of seminars and workshops are available to members to help them get informed and be advised about the standard procedures within the industry. As well UMAC will bring members up to date on new legislation pertaining to the industry. We also welcome input from our members, and if you have
a topic which you feel may be of major interest, definitely let us know.

UMAC is currently setting up a “Resource and Information Centre.” Through this facility, members can expect to obtain up-to-date information where to go for various services. There will also be a “Who’s Who in the industry” catalogue. “What’s Happening” billboard and “What Has Happened In the Past.” For this facility to benefit and help EVERYONE, UMAC needs its members to contribute information, details, experiences, sources, etc to assist other in learning about the music industry.

Getting The Know-How

Beginning in, 2015 UMAC members will receive a quartly newsletter. It’s your best link to us, you’ll find out about the latest information on current events, meetings, changes within the industry, and will offer networking opportunities within the association as well as outside of it. Members can advertise for free, special discounts on any of the business services they have to offer other members.

And The Winner Is

UMAC will be the presenting the Canadian Urban Music Awards and The Canadian Urban Music Teen Awards, starting in 2016-2017 as part of its efforts to recognize outstanding contributions to the industry. It’ll feature Honorary Membership Awards to highlight extraordinary individuals and corporate contributions to Urban music in Canada.

UMAC is also the official host of the Urban music seminar and showcases for Canadian Music Week as well as other showcases across the country. Record executives from the U.S. and Canada are in attendance for this opportunity to present the best of the best in Canadian Urban music.


To be a part of UMAC, you must be an individual or corporation with an interest in the music industry. All memberships are based on a one year term and expire on December 30th of each year. Visit our website to renew your membership.

There are three types of memberships:

Voting Member: must be committed to working actively within the organization, and can either be an individual or corporation;
Associate Member: anyone who qualifies for full voting membership, but prefers not to commit to an active role;
Affiliate Member; any individual living in or outside of Canada that is not a Canadian citizen; or any corporation that is less than 51% Canadian owned.
In addition, UMAC members can enjoy discounts on rental of studio time and musical instrumental purchases, air travel, hotel rates and educational courses offered by the industry.

What’s In It For Me
When you join UMAC, you are entitled to many benefits of participation, cooperation and activity including:
A membership card of identification
Members can have their own interactive resume and blog with an email
Quartly UMAC newsletter
One free workshop (of your choice) during your paid membership year
The right to vote in the nominating and balloting for UMAC’s Urban Music Awards
Access to premium tickets to the Urban Music Awards. Up to 10 tickets per member can be reserved through you membership attendance (as an Associate or Affiliate member) at the UMAC Annual General Meeting (AGM)
The right to vote (as a corporate or individual member) at the AGM
The opportunity to sit as a volunteer advisor on any of UMAC’s Advisory Committees
The opportunity to engage in fundraising activities, special events, membership drives on behalf of UMAC
A chance as a spokesperson to represent UMAC’s goals in the public marketplace
The right, through prior approval by the Board, to display UMAC’s logo on your business products, e.g. record jackets, labels, etc., or on your premises (i.e. stickers), or person (i.e. badges).
Complimentary discounts at supporting businesses. (Discount list supplied with membership)
First chance purchase of UMAC special fundraising paraphernalia and memorabilia; tickets to UMAC sponsored or affiliated concerts, social events or luncheons
The opportunity to contribute items of interest, opinions and letters to the UMAC newsletter
The chance to include your recordings compositions or writings in UMAC’s checklist of urban music, a project discography which will be published in 2016-2017.
The right to nominate and elect UMAC’s Personality of the Year (an industry and media award), who will be honoured with a benefit dinner. All proceeds from that event will go toward the UMAC Music Scholarship Fund in the awardee’s name.

To Join UMAC, contact:
Urban Music Association of Canada (UMAC)
6510 Kingston Road;
Toronto, Ontario
M1C 1L4
Phone: (416) 599-8622
Website: www.umacgroup.com