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To be a part of UMAC, you must be an individual or corporation with an interest in the music industry.  All memberships are based on a one year term. Visit our website to renew your membership.

Associate Member : $49.00 CAD - yearly
Affiliate Member : $65.00 CAD - yearly
Corporate Member : $99.00 CAD - yearly

What’s In It For Me…

When you join UMAC, you are entitled to many benefits of participation, cooperation and activity including:

  1. A membership card of identification
  2. Members can have their own interactive resume and blog with an email
  3. Quarterly UMAC newsletter
  4. One free workshop (of  your choice) during your paid membership year
  5. The right to vote in the nominating and balloting for UMAC’s Urban Music Awards
  6. Access to premium tickets to the Urban Music Awards.  Up to 10 tickets per member can be reserved through you membership attendance (as an Associate or Affiliate member) at the UMAC Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  7. The right to vote (as a corporate or individual member) at the AGM
  8. The opportunity to sit as a volunteer advisor on any of UMAC’s Advisory Committees
  9. The opportunity to engage in fundraising activities, special events, membership drives on behalf of UMAC
  10. A chance as a spokesperson to represent UMAC’s goals in the public marketplace
  11. The right, through prior approval by the Board, to display UMAC’s logo on your business products, e.g. record jackets, labels, etc., or on your premises (i.e. stickers), or person (i.e. badges).
  12. Complimentary discounts at supporting businesses. (Discount list supplied with membership)
  13. First chance purchase of UMAC special fundraising paraphernalia and memorabilia; tickets to UMAC sponsored or affiliated concerts, social events or luncheons
  14. The opportunity to contribute items of interest, opinions and letters to the UMAC newsletter
  15. The chance to include your recordings compositions or writings in UMAC’s checklist of urban music, a project discography which will be published in 2016-2017.
  16. The right to nominate and elect UMAC’s Personality of the Year (an industry and media award), who will be honoured with a benefit dinner.  All proceeds from that event will go toward the UMAC Music Scholarship Fund in the awardee’s name.

* Your UMAC membership is valid for 12 months and then will automatically renew annually