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About Our UMAC

Established in 1996, UMAC, The Urban Music Association of Canada, serves as the lone music industry service provider for urban music* in Canada and the work of Canadian urban artists.   UMAC offers professional development services to assist music industry artists succeed as cultural entrepreneurs. UMAC assists talent in the music industry to build sustainable careers and find success in a the Canadian musical landscape that is not necessarily designed for urban music achievement.

UMAC is the voice of Canada’s urban music* industry. It is a member-driven, non-profit organization dedicated to building the domestic and international profile of Canadian Urban Music*.

UMAC offers professional development workshops, networking events and artist showcases to its members and stakeholders. By utilizing its relationships with industry and government decision-makers, UMAC is  a strong and active advocate for positive, progressive and beneficial policies, policy reform and directives for Canada’s urban music* industry.


UMAC’s national scope is supported by regional representatives in major urban centers and through partnerships with provincial music industry associations,  government funding and supporting organizations across Canada. These, and other relationships assist UMAC to serve as a national resource and central point of contact for members of the entertainment industry and other stakeholders who wish to tap into the urban music scene.

Need your UMAC hook-up? Membership is easier than you think and most definitely has its privileges.


i. Promotions

focus or promoting Urban Acts* in Canada & internationally
yearly event to be determined by the Board of Directors
Newsletter – a group of two to three people producing a bi-monthly newsletter to members.
Membership – through the shows any Income as well as membership dues will be collected.
Shows – a group of people preparing monthly shows on Urban talent, across Canada
International Promotion – a group of people travelling and promoting Canadian Urban talent internationally. This group would work with the provincial and federal governments.

ii. Development

Focus on developing Canadian Urban* talent
Resource – a committee focusing on development and accumulating a library of all
resources for our members.
Community – a committee dedicated to working within communities across Canada
promoting urban music *
Funding – several committees reflecting our members in every area of urban music* except submissions from the urban community and approve funds to support and develop product within Canada.

iii. Education

Seminars – held in all parts of Canada to educate members about urban music*
Education Weekends – held quarterly in a Canadian City to be determined annually.